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 Rebecca gave a visceral and moving portrayal of Teresa Salas. She successfully captured the character’s seniority and status within her community, as well as embodying the character’s strong personal drive to protect herself and her loved ones at risk from attack. I was particularly impressed with how Rebecca took my notes after the first dress rehearsal and then incorporated these notes into the run.

Rebecca made strong acting choices that enabled her to embody her character’s wants and motivation with a great sense of purpose, intensity and urgency. This also enabled other characters in her scenes to respond with a similar level of intensity. She took great care to fully embody the physicality and playing age of her character.


Rebecca’s character work and research demonstrated a very accurate and detailed engagement with the character, backed up by strong textual analysis. She had a very calm and professional manner in rehearsal and was a joy to work with.

Matthew Monaghan, Director: Widows 2022

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