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Online Studies

Online Private Drama Coaching

Online youth coaching in a variety of drama subjects with Rebecca Aguirre MA BA(hons) BSc(hons).  Graded examination coaching is offered in the subjects listed below.  However, you can also book online coaching for drama school auditions or just to have general acting coaching.  Just specify on the booking form what you'd like to focus on.

Private sessions are 30 minutes long and discounts are offered on block bookings of 10 (available to select during booking).

Take a look at the suggestions below and when you're ready to book a consultation (20 minute no pressure/no commitment chat to establish coaching aims, genre and level) use this button:

Screen Acting

Theatric Awards Graded Examinations

The on-camera acting syllabus is designed and crafted to provide students the tools of what it takes to be an  actor and covers: a range of acting techniques, voice production, creative and critical thinking, scene study, self-taping, editing and Cinematic history. 

Students will learn the process of acting on-camera through technical application and creativity; students  will produce and submit a compilation of work in digital format.

Due to the additional demands of this subject it is better suited for students with previous acting experience or training.


Theatric Awards / LAMDA Graded Examinations

Acting Teacher CPD theatric - Copy.png

Theatric Awards Syllabus

The Theatric Awards syllabus is designated to feature the latest developments in the ever-growing acting and TV industry creatively. Skills are developed through an original and imaginative syllabus that is designed to promote confidence, diversity and personal growth. Individuality is highly celebrated, and creativity is greatly rewarded. Our syllabus offers an all-in-one solution to devise a greater understanding of the intricate details required to form a successful career in acting or to reward the students hobby.

LAMDA Syllabus

Learners develop their vocal, physical and interpretive skills while they delve into characters and explore the background of dramatic texts. Alongside producing authentic performances of their chosen scenes, they also gain an understanding of the context and characters within them.

Speaking in Public

LAMDA Graded Examinations


Speaking in Public exams prepare our learners for a task that daunts so many people. Learners write their own speeches, researching the topics, creating visual aids and presenting them from memory (although they can use notecards, if they prefer). 

As they progress through the grades they will develop the ability to speak clearly and project their voice for an audience. They’ll discover the techniques they require to engage an audience and to structure their speech effectively. 


At the higher graders, learners will be asked to create an impromptu speech with minimal preparation. 

TV Presenting

Theatric Awards Graded Examinations

Proud to be a qualified.png

The Director of our TV Presenting Syllabus, Brian Naylor, is a true connoisseur of everything encompassing the world of presenting. From being in front of the camera to understanding autocue and ad-libs, he has done it all and is now determined to teach this to students (and teachers!) like yourself through our carefully designed TV Presenting Syllabus at Theatric Awards.

The practices performed in this syllabus are far beyond the prospect of simple presenting. The TV Presenting Syllabus is designed to create a certain amount of confidence in the minds of the students and help them get comfortable with their talent. These reasons make our Syllabus the best TV Presenting Syllabus in the world.


LAMDA Examinations


LAMDA’s Shakespeare qualification is designed for learners who wish to explore the work of the world’s most famous writer in the English language. 

With a syllabus based around the plays and sonnets of William Shakespeare, these exams encourage a deep immersion into Shakespeare’s words and the development of the technical skills required to perform them confidently and creatively.

LAMDA Examinations in Shakespeare are designed to develop an understanding of Shakespeare’s language and the skills necessary to communicate a Shakespeare text to an audience. Learners who
prepare themselves appropriately will develop:
1 interpretative skills
2 technical skills
3 knowledge of the performance process.

Speaking of Verse and Prose

LAMDA Graded Examinations


Speaking Verse and Prose learners develop a whole host of skills, from speaking clearly and using voice projection, to improving memorization and building an understanding of poetry and prose which supports studies in English literature. 

As learners progress through the levels they interact with the texts, responding to them with imagination and using body language and expression to engage an audience.  

Learners working towards their Level Three grades are delving into sonnets, exploring the life and work of William Shakespeare and discussing his influence, as well as discovering the other writers whose works they are performing. 

Ready to book?  Head over to my booking page:

Still unsure or have questions?  Below are some frequently asked questions or feel free to drop me an email at

  • What technology/app do you use for coaching?
    My preferred app is currently Zoom. Please make sure you have Zoom installed and are situated where you have a good internet connection. If you struggle with Zoom and need me to accommodate a different application I can certainly look into this.
  • How can we make the most of online coaching sessions?
    Be ready in the online waiting room 5 minutes early Make sure the distractions in your room are kept to a minimum – i.e. pets are not trying to get attention, siblings are in another room, no TV or other distraction in the background Check you can connect plenty of time in advance Always make sure the name you use on your profile when connecting can be linked to the booking as anonymous users will not be admitted for safeguarding reasons Always ensure that your camera is on Parents/guardians are expected to be nearby to supervise and encourage full participation. However, please remember that the coaching session is between the student and the coach so backseat driving is frowned upon. Encouragement and praise is perfect!
  • Do we have to take the graded examinations?
    Not if you don’t want to. If you have booked coaching sessions to work on a particular subject and level then there are many reasons why you may not wish to take the formal examination (i.e. price of exams, if there are no suitable examination slots offers by the exam board for a while and the student is already ready, not ready for the stress of formal examination, etc). If the level/subject has been mastered then I have no problems with pupils skipping examinations and continuing on to train for the next level at my discretion.
  • Can we change subjects once booked?
    Yes, if you change your mind on the subject originally booked then we can repurpose the booked coaching sessions to a different subject. I usually need a week’s notice to create a different action plan for our next session but I can definitely make the switch for you.
  • Are exam fees included?
    No. When you book private coaching sessions with me you are paying in advance for the coaching time and any resources / materials that are shared with you. Examination fees are an additional cost which are set by the examinations boards themselves. If you need me to enter the candidate to an exam session there is a reasonable admin fee for this and I will take care of all the submission requirements.
  • My child is exceptionally talented and I think they can take their exam in 2 week, can you do this?
    Respectfully, don’t be this parent. I’m very happy to hear that your child is gifted. However, and this applies to any coach that you hire for your child, please trust your coaches. If they are planning on taking formal graded examinations then they will not be entered until they can demonstrate all the required Learning Outcomes to a high standard for that particular exam. Failing a Learning Outcome in a graded examination results in, many cases, to the failure of the entire grade and that is why we need to work together over a suitable period of time to ensure that your child has mastered all components of the examination. Whilst you may be happy to take a risk and just see if they can pass in a short time, you need to remember that all candidates entered under my name are recorded on my record with the examinations board. Therefore pupils will only be entered when I feel that they are ready for that particular subject and level.
  • What ages do you coach?
    My speciality is working with young people of practically all ages. However, if a beginner adult is particularly keen on working with me then I’m certainly not going to dismiss you and I do have experience of teaching adult classes. Instead of age being a barrier, I suggest reading and cognitive abilities are the benchmark. For almost all the graded examinations there is a very heavy reading (and sometimes writing) requirement to get through the examinations. Having said that, I’m reminded of a young student of mine who wasn’t yet reading and they managed to memorize all their words from ear because their parent recorded their monologues for them. As a guideline, ages 7 and up is where I mostly see pupils wanting to engage and work on the requirements. But every person is different. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss your personal situation.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Not typically as private coaching slots, once booked out to you, can rarely by sold back out at short notice. I’ve also spent time creating coaching content for you between sessions and turned down other work to be available for you. The exception is in the event of us missing a coaching session due to problems on my end. For example, if I had a technology issue that prevented me attending, or emergency, etc.: I will try and work with you to make up the missed session(s), if this can’t work out then I will absolutely credit you for your next block or provide a refund. Credits / rearranged coaching sessions will be offered for the following situations: Student sickness (please provide at least 12 hours’ notice as if you haven’t cancelled I will be sat in the call waiting) Other emergency with suitable notice provided Credits will not usually be offered for the following situations: No shows Student refused to participate / engage Connection / tech issues at the student’s end Minor blips or minor internet drop where we were able to reconnect and still deliver a full sessions worth of coaching Needing to rearrange a session for other situations but you have not given a week’s notice Exceptional hardship: please contact me as soon as you can to discuss anything that may be affecting your ability to participate and I will do whatever I can to accommodate your situation.
  • Can I cancel / rearrange sessions if something crops up?
    As long as sessions were booked in good faith and you intended to show up then I am happy to rearrange any booked session with a full 1 week minimum notice (preferably in writing) as a good will gesture at my discretion. I know how things can get with parties / school events / club rehearsals, etc. So as long as there is communication and I have availability then I will am happy to try and accommodate you. If we cannot find a suitable replacement slot between us then you may be offered a credit for a future block booking. Please note that once your slot has been booked for you it is taken off the booking platform and is no longer available another client, therefore please only request to rearrange as a rare occurrence.
  • Do you offer examination guarantees?
    No. I do guarantee that I’ve been entering students for examinations for a very long time and hold an impeccable examination record. However, I have no powers over what happens on the exam day. I make a point of only entering a student when they are emotionally and academically ready. Even though my predictions of what results a student will get are accurate, I still don’t make any guarantees or set expectations of what you will achieve. If you are unhappy with an examination result I am happy to go through the examiner's notes with you and request a dispute with the exam board on your behalf if we agree that something is very wrong with the grading.
  • Can you cancel/refund examinations?
    Once the examination fee has been paid to the examinations board they have very strict rules on refunds. Typically you can expect that they will not refund your examination fees. In exceptional circumstances they may credit (or partially credit) you to take the exam at a later date (some amount of proof of the circumstance is usually required). Likewise, once entered for an examination I will be unable to refund any admin fees for doing that work for you. However, if you genuinely cannot attend the examination and wish to cancel, you still have every right to re-enter in the future.
  • What if my child has been entered for an exam, but stopped practicing?
    Due to examination entries needing to be paid and submitted many weeks (or months) in advance of an examination date, it is likely that they have been entered under the understanding that they must continue to work hard on their studies and practice. I reserve the right to withdraw any student from an examination based on lack of preparation and if the examination fee has been paid (or is owed) then this will not be refunded. Whilst this is hopefully unlikely to be an issue for you, the reasons are as follows: It holds the student accountable for doing the work required to be exam-ready Examinations can be stressful on a good day, entering an underprepared child for an examination will only lead to the whole experience being negative and can have very long lasting effects on their self-esteem and passions My personal “no tears” policy of not wanting a child to be disappointed from a bad experience that could have been avoided My own credibility and teaching record as ultimately, your child’s results are stored on my record with the examinations board
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