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Online & TV Presenting Certificate (Young People)

Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


Designed for young people (from approximately 10 to teen). Learn the skills to become a presenter - whether you're learning to become a TV presenter or start your own vlogging channel, this course will give you all the presenting skills you need. This course includes: full written lessons, full video recordings with me for each lesson, all referenced examples embedded into the lesson, any practice MP3s or videos that you may need. Complete all the modules and submit your final assessment piece for feedback and certificate. The modules you will study are: 1. Setting Up and Staying Safe 2. The Camera is Your Friend and “Up on Three” 3. Sitting, Standing & Walking 4. Creating Your PTCs and Writing Reports 5. Using a Teleprompter 6. Voice Overs for Presenting 7. Sight Reading and Handling Mistakes 8. Handling Objects and Multiple Cameras 9. Interviewing 10. BONUS LESSON: Working with Talkback and What’s Next 11. BONUS FEEDBACK: Final Assignment Want more info? See my fancy overview page here:

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